How Our Auction Works (VB3)

Copart is the market leader in developing technology to improve the vehicle remarketing process and increase returns.

In 1998, Copart became the first vehicle auction company with physical locations to allow buyers to submit proxy bids over the Internet.

In 2001, Copart introduced virtual bidding, allowing Members to interactively compete online, in real time, within our live auctions.

In 2003, Copart developed VB2, Virtual Bidding - The Second Generation, a new auction-style remarketing technology coupling an open preliminary bidding process with live, online vehicle sales. Using preliminary bidding, Members can enter the maximum price they are willing to pay for a vehicle and Copart's Bid4U (Bid for You) feature incrementally bids for the vehicle on their behalf. Members who are outbid receive an email notification and are provided the opportunity to re-bid on the vehicle.

In September 2013, Copart has again revolutionised the automotive industry with its new auction platform, Virtual Bidding - The Third Generation (VB3). VB3 also introduces our personalised multi-auction dashboard. This dashboard allows buyers to take part in multiple auctions simultaneously, all from within a single browser. Buyers can toggle between small and large versions of auctions, as well as organise their on-screen display of live sales through innovative drag-and-drop widget functionality.  VB3 also eliminates the need for frustrating plug-ins and supports all of the latest browsers.

Additional features of VB3 include:

  • Circular countdown timer and in-auction audio elements for a more intuitive and interactive experience
  • Regional flags representing current and highest bidders
  • In-auction vehicle detail display with full-size photo browsing
  • Intuitive auction listings that remove completed sales and give the estimated time that the lot will be on the block!

Copart is committed to continually developing industry leading, innovative products and services to drive the marketplace forward.